3 Smartphone Apps to Help You Create Beautiful Photos

Aside from being a useful device for communicating with friends and loved ones, the smartphone is also used to capture precious memories. Its camera, although not highly advanced like the DSLR, is able to take good photos. As such, most people now use their smartphone cameras to take photos during special occasions and even during events and other similar activities.

However, as the smartphone camera is quite limited in terms of features, most users are tempted to edit their photos using photo editing apps. These apps allow users to add filters, adjust the brightness and contrast, and add text to the photo. While there are numerous apps in the online market, there are three that have made quite a mark on users. These three apps are:


app1If you post a lot of photos on Instagram, chances are you already have the Snapseed app on your smartphone. Snapseed offers a lot of features that are not found in other photo editing apps. For example, aside from giving you unique filters to you, this Google photo sharing app will also allow you to adjust the filter. Thus, if you want to make your photo more dramatic or more vibrant, it will be easy to do so.

Additionally, Snapseed gives its users the freedom to edit just some parts of an image or photo courtesy of the Brush Tool.


3Another photo editing app that is a favorite of many Instagram users is VSCO Cam. Although some people that it is basically an upgraded version of Instagram’s photo editing features, VSCO is still popular because it is not only a photo editing app, it also allows its users to share their photos. Other users can follow you and vice versa. From time-to-time, there are even contests that you can join.

VSCO has editing features that are used to adjust white balance, shutter speed, and exposure, among others. And like Snapseed, it has several filters for users to choose from. Other features include tools for managing a photo’s brightness, sharpness, and tint.

Cell phones have changed photography forever: with the many enhancements developed for high quality cameras on the market, the unhindered touchscreen canvas has empowered engineers to provide applications that can alter pictures focal points and sensors, playing out an array of post-handling changes.

The only downside to VSCO Cam is that it can be quite difficult to use. So, you need to spend some time studying and practicing the features and the editing process.


app3If you want to play around and experiment with your photos creatively, Pixlr is the right photo editing tool for you. Aside from filters and the usual tools for controlling brightness, exposure, contrast, and sharpness, Pixlr also allows you to create a double exposure image. Simply add another photo to the one you are editing and Pixlr will automatically insert the second photo into the frame. You can then adjust the size and appearance of the second photo (soft light, overlay, lighten, and multiply, among others).

Likewise, Pixlr gives you the option to manually brighten or darken parts of your photo. You can also pixelate or blur the image.

With these three apps, your smartphone photos will be even more beautiful. So, when you post them on Instagram or Facebook, expect to gather a lot of likes.

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