Photographs paint beautiful images that tell of interesting stories. Photographs treasure memories.

Hi! My name is Samantha Jackson. I am a blogger, and I created this site so I can share ideas, tips, and other important information about photography. Whether you are just starting with your first photography assignment or have been composing breathtaking images for years, you will find eJarm a useful partner in your creative endeavors.

eJarm is more than just a website for those who want to learn more about photography. It is more than an online resource or guide for blogger-photographers. More than anything else, eJarm is a community of individuals who share the same passion for capturing special moments with the camera. It is a platform for learning, with simple tips and advice from practitioners.

As an online community for blogger-photographers, eJarm acknowledges the value not only of traditional practices, but also the contributions of modern technology. As such, the content will greatly vary, moving from simple how-to articles, to engaging videos, and to podcasts, among many other media. By doing this, I am able to explore and share more.

Apart from being a source of information, eJarm is also a support mechanism for bloggers and photographers. By regularly featuring special content from respected industry members, everyone is given continuous opportunities to develop his craft.