4 Tips for Protecting Your Blog Photos from Online Thieves

Picture this scenario: You turn on your laptop and proceed to Google. You log in to Facebook, excited to find out how many people have clicked on the link to your latest blog entry, which you posted on your FB page. But, you get the biggest surprise of your blogging life when you find a private message from one of your friends informing you that someone just used one of your photos, edited it and erased your watermark, and claimed it as his own. You’ve heard of horror stories like this before, but this was the first time it happened to you.

What do you do then? How will you reclaim your intellectual property? What will you tell that person who stole your photo? These questions are quite difficult to answer and you will need guidance from a legal professional in resolving the issue. Then you start blaming yourself for being careless. If only you knew how to protect your blog photos from online thieves, this wouldn’t have happened.

You then sit down and do some research. You find four important things to do to keep your photos protected. You write these down, promising to follow each one.

Understand the Law

The first and most important thing you need to do is study the copyrights law in your country, state, or city. If you are familiar with the said law, you will automatically know when a violation has been made. Proper knowledge of the copyrights law will also help you know the consequences that await violators.

All Rights Reserved

Step number two is to add an All Rights Reserved to each of your photos. Indicate your name and the year the material was created. Do not be satisfied with just a watermark because this can be easily edited out. Always indicate that no one can use the photo unless they ask permission from you.

Licensed Images

Make sure that your images or photos are licensed. Once your photos are licensed, you will find it easier to attach your name to all the images that appear on your blog. This will, hopefully, intimidate whoever is planning on stealing your photos.

Photo license is purchased, so be sure that you are prepared to spend some money.

Be Careful

Be extra careful when posting photos. Be observant, too. There are software and/or apps that you can use to monitor if someone is about to access your photos – whether on your blog or social media accounts.

Do not think that just because it hasn’t happened to you yet, it won’t happen to you anymore. The minute you post your photos online, you are inviting thieves. The best thing to do would be to exercise precaution and do everything that you can to protect your photos. Once the thief realizes that you know the procedure for copyrighting and keeping photos protected, he will hesitate and not push through with his plans.

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