As a tool of information and learning, eJarm is committed to helping its online community members find tools that can help them further improve their craft. Luckily, the Internet is a vast library of resources and many of these can be used for free.

Here are several online resources (websites and apps) that I can confidently recommend to anyone who is willing to learn and bring his photographic skills to a whole new level:


The Law Tog by Rachel Brenke is a website primarily focused on providing the legal requirements of photographers and their photography businesses. Brenke is a practicing lawyer, so she knows practically everything you might need. For example, if you are planning to open a photography studio, The Law Tog can provide all the essentials you will need as you prepare to carry out the project. This includes legal tips and advice, as well as contract assistance.


MailChimp is the ideal tool for those who want a hassle free way of communicating with customers. Simply put, it is an email marketing platform that makes life easier for you through its various services like automated messages and, of course, marketing emails. It is convenient for photographers who want to build a strong connection with their clients.


JotForm is the answer to all your online form needs. This form builder has been in business since 2006, so when it comes to experience, it has more than enough. As a photographer, you need a reliable and efficient form builder, especially if you plan to accept online reservations and payments. This will just help you facilitate deals smoothly; it will help you keep track of transactions easily as well.


StudioCloud will help you manage your business properly. If you’ve been having problems with your meeting and shoot schedules, or in updating your client list, this online service will be helpful. All the small but essential tasks that you find difficult to do yourself can be handled by StudioCloud. It’s basically like your online organizer and manager.


Defrozo is what you need if you want to establish a strong online presence. This online management software works well for photographers because it was created and managed by photographers and photography enthusiasts. With Defrozo, managing multiple online accounts will not be a problem anymore.


Pinterest is where you go if you ever find yourself at a loss for innovative ideas. It is preferred by a lot of photographers because it is easy to use and is likewise very visual. All you need to do is pin images on a board and your ideas will be shared to the network’s vast community. Pins shared by other photographers and photography enthusiasts can give you countless ideas for your future shoots.